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Materials Available for Free

  • Bible studies from Genesis to Revelation
  • Video, audio, and text – all for free
  • Microsoft Word chapter outlines from Genesis to Revelation
  • Detailed, verse-by-verse chapter outlines

Key Facts About the Materials

  • Nicene- and Apostles’ Creed- compliant
  • Level: between adult Sunday School and seminary
  • Full theological discussion of theological niche topics in YouTube videos
    • Orthodox preterist eschatology
    • House church ecclesiology
    • NEW Covenant Theology
    • Charismata
    • Grace doctrines

Detailed Chapter Outlines Include . . . 

  • At least three commentaries used for each passage
    • John Gill, Adam Clarke, Jamieson, Fausset & Brown
  • Particular focus on . . .
    • Personalities
      • Their characters, their ethics, their strengths and weaknesses
      • Their possible emotional states
    • Geography
    • Alternate interpretations
    • Battle strategies in the OT
    • NT use of OT and vice-versa
    • Theological controversies
    • Textual variants (but only if relevant)
    • Customs of the ancient Near East